I have been an accredited La Leche League Leader since 2005, I am also a Certified Lactation Educator.

La Leche League is an international nonprofit organization with chapters all over the world whose aim is to provide support and information to breastfeeding families.

There are so many things that I love about La Leche League:

  • It provides a forum for mom’s to ask their breastfeeding and parenting questions
  • You almost always walk away from a meeting having made a new friend
  • I love watching mom’s share their wisdom and suggestions with a mom who is struggling—women to women support is the cornerstone of La Leche League.
  • And of course THE BABIES!  Oh those lovely delicious babies!  Any nursing or pregnant momma can come to La Leche League, I’d LOVE to see you there!

If you’re pregnant and have questions about breastfeeding check out my Newborn Care Class.

I co-teach a breastfeeding class with Cathy Janoka, IBCLC on Sundays.  Our next class is: April 9th 9:00 to 12:00 at Baby Cotton Bottoms.  Email me to register!

La Leche League Meeting times:

1st Wednesday of the month
12:00 at Baby Cotton Bottoms

3rd Tuesday of the month 
10:00 am in the Community Room
at the East Library

3rd Sunday of the month
at 1:00 (partners welcome)
Enso Prenatal 10 S 25th Street