Natural Childbirth Classes in Colorado Springs

Birth’s Journey Birth Class Description

Childbirth classes are six weeks, “Birth Refresher Classes” and Private birth classes are also available. Ask for details.

The fee for the six week birth class series is $175

This includes the class curriculum, a resource folder full of national and local pregnancy and parenting information, and a “goodie bag” full of free samples.  Use of my extensive pregnancy, birth and parenting library is also available.

Childbirth classes are held at Enso Prenatal Yoga Studio.

Birth’s Journey childbirth classes are designed for home birthing and hospital birthing families and are meant for mom and her Birth Partner.


Birth's Journey - Childbirth Education Classes, Colorado SpringsUpcoming childbirth class sessions:

6 weeks starting January 4th
Thursdays from 6:00-8:30

6 weeks starting February 22nd
Thursdays from 6:00-8:30

Need a different day/time?  Contact me and we’ll make arrangements.



Labor and birth are intense, hard work, and each woman’s experience is unique.

Birth’s Journey childbirth classes will teach you the tools you will need to work with your body during the process of giving birth.  You will gain strength, confidence and knowledge so that you can make your own best choices at each point along the way.

On the practical level, the series of birth classes covers:

Class 1:
Introductions, Birth Misconceptions, The Mind-Body Connection, The Idea of Pain in Labor, Natural Remedies for the Discomforts of Pregnancy, Pregnancy Tea and Herbs for Lactation, Anatomy and Physiology, Active Birth, Nutrition, See a Video of Birth, Relaxation Exercise

Class 2:
Prenatal Exercise, Poses for Labor, Pelvic Floor Health, Signs That Labor has Started, Dilation, Effacement, Pelvic Station, Fear-Tension Cycle, Pregnancy Hormones, Pelvic Exams, See a Video of Birth, Relaxation Exercise

Class 3:
First Stage of Labor, Comfort Measures and Techniques for Labor, See a Video of Birth, Relaxation Exercise

Class 4:
Second and Third Stage of Labor, Newborn Exam, Optimal Fetal Positioning, See a Video of Birth, **Practice Labor Rehearsal

Class 5:
Guest Speaker–previous students tell their birth story, How to Write a Birth Plan, Medical Interventions, Induction, Epidural, Cesarean Awareness, Informed Consent, Unexpected Outcomes, Video on Natural Methods of Induction

Class 6:
Post Partum Care for Mom and Baby, Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cloth Diapers (if applicable), Vaccinations, Circumcision (if applicable), Postpartum Depression, Homeopathy

**In addition to learning various comfort measures for coping with the discomforts of labor, you will also have an opportunity to experience a Labor Rehearsal where you will get to practice the positions of Active Birth while using the comfort measures you will learn in class.

Other topics of interest that can be discussed in Birth’s Journey childbirth classes include:

Herbs for Pregnancy and Lactation
• Essential Oils
• Homeopathy: Basic Remedies for the Infant/Toddler
• The “how to” of Cloth Diapers
• Wear your Baby
• Make your own Baby Food
• The “Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative”

Other classes are forming, ask for details!
Basics of Newborn Care
Breastfeeding Basics