Newborn Care Class

New parents often have lots of questions.

I have designed this Newborn Care Class to answer the most commonly asked questions that I get from new parents.



“How can I make enough milk for my baby?”  We will discuss the importance of early bonding and how to establish an abundant milk supply. We will also talk about some of the common problems you can encounter early on and how to move past them.

Infant Sleep:

“How can I help my baby get the best sleep possible?  Where should my baby sleep?”  We will discuss how an infant’s sleep patterns differs from an adults and how this knowledge can help you begin to teach your baby healthy and positive sleep patterns.  We will discuss all of the options about where baby can safely sleep.

Newborn Behavior:

“What does my baby want and need in the first few weeks after birth?  What do the first few weeks after birth look like?  How can I comfort my baby?”  This portion of the class will talk about what the first few weeks postpartum look like from the newborn’s perspective.   We will talk about what new parents can expect from their newborn in the first few weeks, how to communicate and comfort the newborn, developmental stages in the first three months, and hear some words of advice from new parents.

The cost is $40 for mom and a partner, includes curriculum and goodies.


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