Laura’s childbirth classes provided us with significant resources and information concerning natural childbirth, labor management techniques, relaxation exercises, breast feeding, baby wearing, and homeopathy.

I frequently referenced the notebook she provided to answer questions concerning labor, breast feeding, and newborn sleep cycles.

We appreciated her flexibility to teach us privately in her home and to focus specifically on our needs and questions in preparing for our home birth.

Laura’s classes contributed significantly to our successful, non-medicated home birth, and she continues to offer support for us as new parents. We are grateful she was recommended to us and we strongly recommend her to families seeking personal, caring, informative, and practical childbirth education.

~ Stacy and Peter

We found Laura’s class to be especially useful because we were giving birth in a traditional hospital with staff that isn’t used to parents who have the desire to have a more natural birth experience.

She gave us the tools and knowledge to make sure that it happened the way we wanted it to happen. We found that using Laura’s techniques the staff was willing to work with us cooperatively and we ended up having a very satisfying experience.

~ Jennifer and Kris

When we started taking Laura’s class, I was intrigued by the idea of a natural birth but was not convinced that I could do it.

All my preconceived notions of birth involved laying on my back with an epidural.  But once we started learning about the benefits of a natural birth and the many natural comfort measures available, I became more convinced that this was something I wanted and could do.

The information we learned in her classes was definitely beneficial in facilitating the amazing, drug-free, and complication-free birth of our son.

– Leslie and Bryce

Confidence in my body’s ability to birth is, in my opinion, one of the most valuable tools to have during labor.

For me, that confidence came from knowledge of the birthing process and coping techniques, which with Laura’s guidance and through some practice became second nature during labor.

Consequently, I was successful in providing myself and my son with a fairly fast and very gentle, drug and intervention-free birth experience.

Laura is a gentle and effective teacher. I highly recommend her classes.


My husband and I really enjoyed Laura’s class.

I had waited too long to register for the hospital class and went into a panic when I learned there were no longer spaces open prior to delivery.  This was my first baby and I really knew nothing.  When I called Laura, she was so helpful and didn’t make me feel like an idiot. 

In hindsight, I am sure we learned a lot more than we would have learned in a hospital class, including some things that I am sure the hospitals may not want you to know!

Even though Laura’s class is geared towards natural childbirth, it is also very helpful if you plan to use medication.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and she helped us make an educated decision during the course of her classes.  The class itself was fun, interactive, and friendly.  She gives great print resources, referrals, and relates personally when answering other questions.  My husband said she made it easy and comfortable for expecting dads to follow along and participate in the conversation.

I actually felt prepared when it came time to have my precious little one (before her class I was literally terrified).  I was armed with information to use, skills that we had practiced, and a written plan as to how I wanted my delivery to go. I even discovered some things that were important to me during delivery that I never would have thought of!  Laura has also helped with breast feeding and continues to assist with other questions I have had after delivery.  I would recommend her class to anyone!  It is definitely a priceless investment to ensure your family gets off to the best start possible.

-Nicole Givens

Laura’s class was absolutely invaluable to me and my husband going into the birth of our first child. The structure of the class with sessions discussing healthy pregnancy through the postpartum experience helped guide me through my experience each step of the way.

I was able to make healthy choices for both myself and my daughter. Her class enabled me to have the beautiful, natural childbirth that I aspired to have! With the breathing techniques taught, the books suggested for additional reading, the birthing videos, I knew what to expect and how I would react to my birthing experience prior to delivery which helped me avoid any “unknowns” that would have led to birth choices I did not want to make.